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Prescription painkiller abuse touches the lives of so many people in the state of Tennessee. Whether you are a dentist wondering how to warn patients of the dangers of narcotics and opioids, a concerned parent, a teen with a friend who is at risk of abuse, an employer with an employee who needs help, or someone who needs treatment, see below for support.

For Students

Young people age 12-25 are at high risk for addiction to prescription painkillers. Find out what you can do as a student or young person to help prevent prescription painkiller abuse among you and your peers.

For Parents/Grandparents

The signs of prescription painkiller abuse can be hard for caregivers to detect, but it’s critical to know them and to know what to do. Find resources for caregivers, including signs of addiction and what to do if you think your child has a prescription painkiller or other drug abuse problem.

For Educators

Students are at the highest risk of addiction to prescription painkillers. Find resources for educators on the dangers of prescription drug abuse, signs of addiction, and what to do if you think your student has a drug abuse problem.

For Seniors

Seniors and elders are often prescribed opioid and narcotic painkillers, and many are susceptible to addiction, as well as theft of prescriptions by family members and caregivers. Find information and resources for seniors and caregivers.

For Veterans and Service Members

Due to injuries, combat, trauma, and PTSD, veterans are more likely to be prescribed and abuse painkillers. Learn the signs of addiction and how to get help for you or your loved one.